Heritage Park Concept

A 3D concept created using Sketchup to help visualise how a shipbuilding heritage park on the site for Govan Graving Docks might look.

I will send a copy of the Sketchup file (and Heritage Park Explanatory Notes PDF) from which these images were created to anyone who wants to view it it for non-commercial use.

The site topography was created by drawing over an image exported from Google Earth and so the dimensions and proportions are for conceptual illustrative purposes and not fully accurate.

Click on the images to view Larger versions:

Model 2D 1

Arial view of the entire heritage park as it would look from Glasgow Science Centre Tower. A bridge from Pacific Quay forms the gateway to the park and along a path flanked with grass and trees. At the bottom-left corner is a fenced nature reserve area.

Model 2D 2

Drydock 3 accommodating house boats and flats/commercial units along Govan Road. in the foreground a large shaft that exists in the quay has been converted into a pond with rafts for plants and birds.

Model 2D 3

Arial view of the canting Basin and nature reserve area in the foreground from the West side of the park. Fenced nature reserve with bird pond behind the canting basin.

Model 2D 4

Drydock 3 and market huts on the quay. A bridge has been included joining the quays across the middle of the dry dock.

Model 2D 5

Pump house building (visitor centre) and a floating bar in drydock 1. A decked area on 2 levels at the head of the dry dock.

Model 2D 6

Arial view over the dry docks. Marquees to accommodate exhibitions are on the quay between drydocks 1 and 2. A restored ship as a floating conference/banqueting facility and restaurant in drydock 1

Model 2D 7

View of drydock 3 containing house boats, pontoons and floating gardens. On the left hand quay food stalls and on the right hand side block of flats with commercial units on the basement level opening onto the quay. Though not illustrated a stepped garden could be included on parts of the walls of this dock. The existing stairwells have been utilised for pontoon access.

Model 2D 8

A new quayside on the river Clyde and an open grass area behind the pump house for recreation.

Model 2D 9

House boats in the canting basin marina and a fenced nature reserve area with bird pond

Model 2D 010

Food stalls and picnic tables on the quay next to drydock 3


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