Heritage Park Market Area

The heritage park concept proposes that a permanent market area be created on the quay between dry docks 2 and 3.

This market area would consist of wooden huts (made from sustainable Scottish timber) and would create opportunities for micro-businesses selling such things as art, crafts, clothing, hand made goods, preserved food products (e.g. jams/pickles), craft brewery products, etc.

There would also be food stalls and while street food often has a reputation for being unhealthy, it is hoped that this could host an eclectic mix of the best of Scottish and international street food – encouraging use of sustainably sourced, local, organic and free-range produce. Picnic tables could be lined along part of the nearby quaysides, under canvas canopies to keep the Scottish weather at bay.

This type of market is often seen at seasonal festivals and fairs however the heritage park would aim to have this as a year round set up. Though food stall holders might choose to alter their menus on a seasonal basis.

If as hoped, a trust is set up to manage the heritage park, then these stall holders could be given trust membership as part of their stall rental package. Business incubator support could also be given to new micro-businesses taking on market stalls in the park to help with all aspects of setting up and running a profitable stall.

The proposal suggests up to 36 market huts and up to 18 food stalls could be accommodated on this quay.

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