Alternative Concept Images for Govan Road Edge

More concept images showing a row of commercial units along the Govan Road edge of the park. These are lower in height and less imposing structures than the previous concept, having only three floors (two at street level). Clad in sandstone and wood panel. The concept of a deck opening up the park onto Govan Road has been retained.

This is also looked at as an alternative approach to that which included residential units as previously incorporated in the model. With other brownfield sites available for residential development it may not be the best approach to use of the edge of site, especially with relatively small capacity. Also the development of exclusive luxury accommodation may be somewhat contrary to the community based ethos it is hoped the heritage park would encompass. Nor would this make ant real contribution to addressing either real or perceived shortage in housing supply.

It is anticipated these units would be restricted to leasing to small business tenants to prevent major chains from affecting the intended unique character of the site. As previously envisaged these would include such businesses as bars, cafes, restaurants, boutique shops, exhibition/creative spaces and small offices with preference given to new start business owners from the surrounding area.

Revised Model 012 Revised Model 013 Revised Model 014 Revised Model 015 Revised Model 016 Revised Model 017

Please leave comments below on all aspects of the design concept and if you have alternative ideas please share them as well.


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