Site Ownership

The Govan Graving Docks site is currently owned by a company called Bishop Loch Developments (Scotland) Limited which is part of the New City Vision Group. The parent company which owns 75% of the group is a company called Cannon Kirk Limited which is registered in the Republic of Ireland.

According to information on public record there are three loans secured on the Govan Graving Docks site with Allied Irish Banks, Bank of Scotland and Scottish Enterprise Glasgow. Allied Irish also holds a floating charge over Bishop Loch Developments (Scotland) Ltd and all of its present and future assets. This information suggests that public money has been lent to the company by Scottish Enterprise however the existence of a floating charge held by another creditor may raise questions over the security of SE’s loan and the probity of SE providing such finance.

Scottish Enterprise and Bank of Scotland also provided secured loans on the graving docks site to a previous owner; Citycanal Ltd and Bank of Scotland also held a floating charge over that company. It appears that these loans were still listed as outstanding when Citycanal Ltd was wound up. Bishop Loch Developments (Scotland) Ltd held a majority stake in Citycanal Ltd.

I suggest interested parties look at this information and the connected companies in some detail.

Windex Ltd (name changed to Portmuir Ltd before winding up) was served a repair notice for the Govan Graving Docks in 1989 by Glasgow District Council according to an article in the Glasgow Herald. I have not yet been able to determine what actions followed from that repair notice.

I am only stating the facts that are a matter of public record and I am not commenting further for legal reasons as I don’t have the full picture. However I suggest people interested in examining this information in detail look at the interrelationship of these companies going back to 1989 and cross reference the board of directors of Windex/Portmuir with Citycanal. I find it interesting that people involved with the site ownership at the time of the 1989 repair order in were still involved up until 2005, despite no evidence repairs were ever carried out.


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