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Please Donate to Support the Campaign

If you would like to make a donation to support the heritage park campaign you can do so via Paypal.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Funds will be used for travel costs, meetings, postage, research documents, administration and other direct expenses associated with the campaign.

Details of the amounts received (donor names will be removed from the lists for privacy reasons), lists of expenses as well as scanned copies of receipts will be made available to donors on request.

Please do not donate very large sums to this fundraiser. Suggested donation amount is between £3 and £10.

Any surplus funds raised will be donated to the development of the heritage park if and when it goes ahead. Otherwise they will be donated to a local charity.


Online Poll – What would you like to see done with Govan Graving Docks?

Have your say – online poll on the future of the derelict Govan Graving Docks in Glasgow, Scotland.

What would you most like to see done with the docks?

Alternative Concept for the Basin

An alternative concept for the basin, the graphic shows it silted-up and the banks sloped to create a tidal lagoon, with bird islands, which would be navigable by small / shallow-draft vessels. This would create a habitat for wildlife and better complement the ecology park area proposed for the land adjoining the basin.