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The Govan Club & The Govan Gdansk Exchange

Guest-post by Liz Gardiner; Cultural Planning Practice, Director of Fablevision and The Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative

‘From my perspective, there is a missing role in Govan that Andrew McAvoy has discovered was fulfilled in the 20th Century by “The Old Govan Club” – i.e. as cultural planners – to keep a watchful eye on planning and progress, to ensure sensitivity and respect for existing resources, people, projects and heritage (tangible and intangible)… A “ginger group” rather than pressure group… employing creative, quirky, celebratory, research oriented tactics underpinned by derp thinking and research that support and nudge rather than lobby and use combative styles.

I think it’s clear that this role is an essential one… we were building that grouping during the @Water Row period… we took our eye off the ball last year and we lost the cranes.

There are different views around the how we might develop this grouping and the need to find a new way to engage with existing 3rd sector organisations/discover consensus.

I think we need more people and we need people who are up for consultation and engagement. Research based work involving international comparators gives a different context: raising the sight lines to a more objective, comparative analysis where we recognise ourselves in the eyes of others and celebrate the opportunity to share approaches to similar occurring problems. Perhaps the Govan Gdansk exchange can therefore be a catalyst for thinking about these issues newly…, gathering a grouping together to work in a sustainable way with a recognisable process. We need to be strategic about who we approach to join but through the research based initiative of the Govan Gdansk project followed by potential others (Challenging Elites, the 3G’s etc), there is the potential to establish a group in Govan that can voice feedback from thoughtful, research based working practice – looking carefully at planning decisions that are being made in and around Govan with an eye towards preventing things like the loss of the cranes.  We could be a grouping of folks who are casting a watchful eye, thinking about place making and involving the relevant bodies (e.g. CGAP, Council, Community Council, Planning, and other Govan based organisations).

When we come back from Gdansk,  those of us who are willing/able to devote some time, could go round the different groupings and report back on what’s happened: flagging up the emergence of this group at those meetings – inviting folks to join from each session that we report to.

The group will probably self select in the end… as groups tend to do,  but going through a process like this would give it a mandate.

This is the aspiration and ambition with which I intend to travel to Gdansk
I want to keep an open heart and mind, but my intention is to make links and partnerships in the areas where I feel there is the potential to develop actual collaborative projects (public art interventions, festival collaborations with the Govan Fair and research/conference/symposia).

I’m sure everyone will have other ideas and there will be room for all of them and more!!


Response to the City Development Plan

This is a copy of the email I have received from Glasgow City Council. Govan Graving Docks can be found in the Development Plan Examination list under Issue 24 –



The above plan was submitted to Scottish Ministers on 24 June 2015 for examination.  Scottish Ministers have appointed Timothy Brian BA(Hons) DipURP MRTPI as Reporter to carry out the examination of the above plan in accordance with Section 19 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 (as amended).  Copies of the Proposed Plan, together with supporting documents are available for inspection, free of charge, at the Council’s offices at 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX during normal opening hours, and at all Glasgow City Council public libraries.  Copies can also be viewed on the council’s website:


The Reporter will now commence the examination of conformity with the council’s participation statement as required by the Act.  I can also confirm that the examination of the above plan will not commence until the examination of conformity with the Council’s participation statement has concluded, or until four weeks from the date of the appointment of the Reporter, whichever is the latter.  The earliest date upon which the examination of issues raised in representations to the Plan will commence is 23 July 2015.


You had previously made a representation to the Council regarding this plan and Scottish Ministers have been made aware that your representation has not been resolved.  The Council has provided the Reporter with a summary of the issues that the Council considers should be assessed at the examination (as notified to you in February of this year), together with a copy of your full representation and any supporting documentation you submitted with it.


Information about the examination and the summary of the issues (“Schedule 4 Forms”) being addressed by the Reporter can be found at the Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) website:


Please note that additional Reporters may be appointed to support the speedy delivery of the examination report and you will be advised of any further appointments.


You do not need to take any action in response to this letter.  The Reporter is not expected to require further information from you but, if he does, the DPEA will write to you, specifying what is needed, how you should submit it and the deadline for submission.


A guidance note that explains development plan examinations for people who have submitted representations is available at the weblink below:


Should you require further information about the progress of the examination, please contact Morag Smith by telephone at 01324 696460, by e-mail at:, or by post:


Morag I Smith

Case Officer

Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals

4 The Courtyard

Callendar Business Park



Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative Website

The Clyde Docks Preservation initiative has launched a new website today at

The organisation will shortly be putting together a wide consultation on the future of Govan Graving Docks in Glasgow, Scotland and consolidating proposals for a shipbuilding heritage park.

For more information visit