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Throwing Down the Gauntlet – Are Govan Councillors With Us or Against Us?


Govan Graving Docks
A briefing paper

The A-listed Govan Graving Docks – a hugely important industrial heritage site –  have been derelict and deteriorating for almost 30 years. There are tripping hazards on the site, broken glass and deep open shafts some hidden by weeds. Engineers have advised us there will be contaminated soil on the site. There are gaps in the fence through which children and teenagers can easily get access – putting themselves at great risk – particularly if they are there to consume alcohol as is often the case.

In that time councillors in the area have done nothing whatsoever to address the state of the docks, the hazard it presents or seek any remedy. It is only since our restoration campaign and especially since the formation of Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative (CDPI) that councillors (and one councillor in particular) have taken a very close interest. It…

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Govan Graving Docks Surveys – Have Your Say

The Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative has launched three surveys this week on the future of Govan Graving Docks. The questionnaires can be found at

The three questionnaires include series of questions on:

  1. General questions on the future of the derelict dry dock site
  2. Feedback on proposals for specific parts of the site
  3. Views on the importance of strategic factors (heritage preservation, job creation, etc) relevant to the future of Govan Graving Docks

You can also join in an interactive conversation in the online forum at