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Heritage Park Job Creation

A rough estimate shows that the heritage park as proposed in the design concept could create up to 289 permanent full time jobs, in the park and leased commercial facilities, including commercial units on Govan Road, market huts, food stalls and proposed floating facilities.

The assumptions used in arriving at this figure are as follows. If you think this figure should be larger or smaller please post in the comments.

  •  Up to 15 small commercial units on the quay in the block along Govan Road, average of 3 staff per unit  (45)
  • 16-18 food stalls, average 4 staff per stall (72)
  • 36 Market huts, average 2 staff per hut (72)
  • 12 staff for floating bar
  • 30 staff for restored ship (restaurant, conference/banqueting facilities, possible hotel)
  • 4 Staff for exhibition marquee
  • 6 Staff for pump house cafe
  • 6 staff for pump house visitor centre
  • 4 general maintenance staff
  • 2 nature reserve wardens
  • 15 security staff
  • 5 curators
  • 10 miscellaneous staff
  • 6 Admin and managment staff